Comparative Testing:

Rather than only measure the coatings ability to repel water as some of the other products on the market often tend to do so, it was Enduroshield's requirement of Architectural Testing Inc - to follow their internal test method with also measures the coatings ability to repel oils (oleophobicy).

The ability to repel water and oil-based stains whilst maintaining durability is one of the things that clearly sets Enduroshield apart from the competition.

The team feels it is important to highlight that all the competitive samples were applied by trained applicators in companies using the coating - or following the instructions published by the supplier.

Architectural Testing Inc - does testing for 90 of the top 100 Manufactures in the building envelope industry with over 30 years leadership in Fenestration and building - product testing with over 18,600M2 of testing facilities across the United States.

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