Enduroshield FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the coating Crack, peel or discolour over time?

No, unlike a traditional surface coating, Enduroshield is only 2 molecules thick and is invisible. There is nothing that will crack or peel over time.

Will the coating gradually wash of with each use?

No, unlike silicon based products, Enduroshield is a permanent and will not wear off over time. Factory based offer 10 years and in-situ glass 3 years, although the product can last longer.

Does Silicon Bond to Enduroshield Coated surfaces?

Yes, Enduroshield bonds to the Hills and Valleys of the glass as opposed to filling them, leaving the surface less slippery and easier to handle, therefore silicon, seal and clamps and suction lifting devises are able to adhere to the surface.

Does the area to be treated have to be masked?

No, the product is non-corrosive and will not harm fixtures or fittings, if product dies come into contact, it will become water repellant for a short time but effect will wear off.

Will the Surface become patchy if coating wears off:

No, the coating is only 2 molecules thick and transparent, thus it does not change the appearance of the surface.
If an abrasive were to be used, it would not be visible where it had worn away, that area however would be hard to clean. So avoid abrasive cleaning. If this does happen simply repair the area by re-treating with Enduroshield, the molecules will bond directly to the cleaned surface.

Do I still need to seal tiles after I apply Enduroshield?

No, the coating not only creates an easy clean surface, but a protective barrier that resists staining. However you cannot apply Enduroshield to tiles already sealed with a product as Enduroshield needs to be applied to untreated surfaces to work.

Can Enduroshield be applied to the floor?

Yes, it will not make the surface slippery, in fact Enduroshield will make it less slippery. The treated tile resists water soaking into the surface. The water beads on top instead and the conditions that cause slipperiness are reduced.
The coating may wear over time with constant foot traffic but in this case simply re-apply in these high traffic areas.