Technical Summary:

Unlike a weaker hydrogen bond used by some other products on the market, Enduroshield forms a strong chemical (Covalent) bond with the surface. Cross- linking takes place to modify the surfaces properties. As is cures a network of minute brush like filaments cover the surface. Thus, as no cohesive film is formed, no flaking or peeling can occur.

Once curing is complete, the molecules of the coating are chemically inert under normal conditions a bond is created, 
meaning that Enduroshield can only be removed by abrasive, strong acids or alkalis, or the removal of the top layer
of glass surface. This distinguishes Enduroshield form most other products on the market that quickly wear o out over time.

The Enduroshield coating bonds to the microscopic hills and valleys of the glass as opposed to filling them in as other products do. An advantage is that the glass is less slippery and easier to handle - furthermore - Silicon, seals, clamps and suction lifting devises are able to adhere to the surface.

Enduro shield has no need for edge deletion unlike other products so you loose labour costs.

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