Save a lot of money on International Transfers / Exchange rates and secure Project Currency rates

EU Glass customers are very important to us and finding ways to make the project, no matter how large or small, go smoothly and save our customers money without dropping quality is our highest priority.

With recent effects from Brexit and rising bank costs, currency fluctuation is there for us all to see and this can have a negative effect on project profit and stability.

EU Glass have worked with Infinity to secure a host of financial services to support our customers from highly reduced rates for both exchange rates and securing a set project rate for up to 12 months so you pay at the rate you priced the project at - no nasty rises / losses.

We are also pleased to advise you that you can you use Infinity for all of your international payments, not just EU Glass partner payments.

Special offer for EU Glass Customers:

  • Free Wire Fees for life
  • A free Currency audit, either face to face or telephone conference call, to identify needs
  • Forward facilities for all prospective clients, subject to margin requirements
  • Bank Beating exchange rates.


Services offered: 

Forward Contract: (Buy Now, Pay Later)

Forward Contracts offer the ability to fix exchange rates up-to 12 months in advance or draw down when needed between agreed window dates.

Currency Option:

Allows you to protect your bottom line against fluctuations in exchange rates.

Even better, you can also benefit if rates start to move in your favour.

Market Order: (Pick A Rate)

An Automated order used to:

  • target a desired exchange rate (limit Order)
  • or to protect against adverse market movement ( Stop Loss )
  • or used together to trap the Volatility.


Spot Trade: (Buy Now Pay Now)

If you have the funds available and wish to exchange all or part of them immediately, you can enter into a spot trade.

Infinity Brochure (PDF download)

For more information please contact us.


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