Isolar Group

“Whoever can solve a customer’s central problem better than the others cannot prevent his own success.”

Alfred Arnold, Isolar Glass

The above quotation comes from Mr Alfred Arnold, the inventor of Isolar glass and the founder of the Isolar community.

It started in 1959 when he replaced the (at that time) state of the art rigid edge combination with an elastic adhesive system. The advantages were huge, higher compactness, fewer failures and longer product life.

Today there are over 45 licensed Isolar partners worldwide, and EU Glass are pleased to announce that we are now a Isolar partner.

This brings many strengths to our company which our customer base, both old and new, can now enjoy.

Please contact us if you require further information on the new technology that the Isolar group can bring to your company.

Isolar product range:

Neutralux: high grade insulating glass
Akustex insulating sound proof glass
Solarlux: solar control glass
Vacurex vacuum technology for heat insulation
Voltarlux: solar energy glass- light to electricity
Ornilux bird protection glass
Ardorex fire rated glass
Multipact security glazing


Please contact us if you require further information on the Isolar group.

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