Holbrook House

The over 50 years old Holbrook House building in Covent Garden was re-designed by John Robertson Architects in 2008 / 2009.

Today the Holbrook House has come to new life providing high quality contemporary office interiors with the added benefit of an attractive setting.

GLAS WAGENER (member of the ARNOLD GLAS GROUP, Germany) has supplied over 3.300 sqm double glazed units with Arcon´s Sunbelt Platin 71/40 high performance coating. The neutral solar control glass with 71% light transmittance and only 29% reflectance gives the new façade a very light and transparent appearance.

Over 1360 glass units, mainly consisting of 6mm Platin coated outer pane and 10mm laminated inner pane, up to 4350 x 2500mm large, were delivered on demand also directly to site. As a specialist for high quality SG applications GLAS WAGENER supplied also double glazed units with Schüco spacer bar for some parts of the building.