EU glass are pleased to offer our customers CUin, a fantastic product that saves our customers money and reduces weight and space for their glazing requirements.

CUin Insulating Glass Units (IGU's) utilize innovative suspended Film Technology to achieve the lowest centre pane U Values with double and Treble Glazed Units.

CUin allows our customers to install lighter and thinner environmentally friendly glazing.


A Developer looking to achieve a 0.5 U Value on a opening of 2000 x 2200 with a traditional Treble Glazed unit would require a unit that was around 38mm in thickness and weighing around 198kg.

Or they can install CUin - a 32mm thick unit weighing only 132kg.

CUin is produced in the UK at a state of the art processing factory to the highest standards possible, way above the European average, offering our customers the very highest quality along with a 10 year guarantee on the product. This is backed up by our many installations around the world.

Many production possibilities can be achieved with CUin. Although most projects have been realised with Low E we can also work with Solar Control coatings. If g.value is more important to your project we can also supply Acoustic options offering a 42db rating on a 39mm unit.


Aquatic Park

Location – Poprad, Slovakia
Completed – 2006

Phase 1: Conference Centre

Phase 2: Hotel and Cryotherapy Centre

Phase 3: Relaxation Pool

Large-scale structural and facade glazing (up to 2 x 3.3m) with CUIN suspended film and high selective solar coated glass – Ug 0.4 to 0.8 W/m2K.

Local Government Training Centre

Location – Brno, Czech Republic
Architect – Atelier Habina
Main Contractor - Skanska
Completed - 2008

A typical glazing in aluminum curtain wall façade, low energy and safety CUIN glazing - Ug = 0.6 Wm2K.

Private residence



Villa SKR

Architect - P. Skrušný
Location – Brno, Czech Republic
Completed - 2013

Inspired by the imposing architecture of the clients personal vintage car collection warehouse, the exposed concrete extends through to the family villa. Frameless, low energy, laminated triple glazing and double glazing with CUIN film with U-values as low as 0.2 W/m2K ensures unparalleled thermal performance, safety and security throughout the glazed areas.

Office extension of Zemako Construction

Architect - František Šmédek
Location – Moravany, Czech Republic
Completed - 2013

Overhang inclined front facade, CUIN glaing used for its unique low weight properties with Ug 0.6 W/m2k.


Benefits of CUin

Reduce C02 of manufacturing by 8% for every square metre of glazing

Reduced weight

Reduced over all thickness of units

Reduce Building loads

Achieve Lowest U Values

Improved sound reduction

Reduce customers energy consumption


Download CUin Insulating g film Technology brochure (PDF 4.7MB)

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