SwissGriP Non-Slip Coatings

SwissGriP - Grip Anti-Slip is the world's first and only anti-slip coating that has been comprehensively tested and certified around the world to offer the highest standard of certification.

  • UK - R12/R13
  • Germany - DIN 51097
  • Switzerland - EN ISO 868
  • Australia - P5
  • USA - ASTM


SwissGriP International Glass Projects

SwissGriP is the ideal coating for use on glass, which converts clear glass quickly into Anti Slip R12 rating. To view a selection of glass projects treated with SwissGriP, please click on the link below:

View INTERNATIONAL Glass Projects


Further detailed information can be supplied on request with regard to testing and Pendulum data results.

SwissGriP anti-slip coatings are easy to apply at the Glass Processor's facility or, if preferred, on site by our Application Team.

SwissGriP is a water-based, non hazardous product and is environmentally friendly, unlike traditional non-slip Acid products.

SwissGriP offers glass processors not only an environmental friendly option that is driven and demanded by their customers, it also reduces glass waste and saves a huge amount of money in production costs.

Having worked on some the worlds most prestigious projects EU Glass knows that traditional non-slip solutions are not perfect, especially once wet. With SwissGriP this is not an issue.

EU Glass can offer to supply our glass processors product directly to apply in house, This is very easy to do. Or, if preferred, we offer an on site / post application service.

Once applied our clients can offer their customers in the UK a R12/R13 Safety rating with a minimum 2 year warranty, although depending on traffic / foot-fall this could last much longer.

SwissGrip Product Video:

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