Heat Mirror

EU Glass are pleased to offer our customers Heat Mirror:

Heat Mirror is a high performance, energy efficient glass system that improves Thermal Insulation. The Technology Suspends a Film in the airspace of an insulated Glass unit to create an airtight chamber, this system delivers superior Photometric data compared to a standard double glazed unit.

Heat Mirror Technology was named one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium by Popular Science.

Utilised in thousands of buildings around the world including over 6500 units on the iconic Empire State Building, during a major retro fit programme back in 2009.

Heat Mirror Reflects radiation back to source, towards the outside in the summer to keep the environment cool in the summer and towards the inner during the winter to keep heat inside the building.

Invented at the famous MIT (USA)

Voted top 100 inventions (Popular Science)

Passive House Institute Certified

Listed in the Energy Star most Efficient products

Benefits of Heat Mirror

Blocks 99% of UVA

Major sound reduction from outside noise over 50% than standard units

Eliminates the need of heavy treble glazed units

Improves all year round comfort in buildings

Long warranty

Energy savings – much higher than standard IGU’s

Eliminates condensation on glass during winter months


Download Heat Mirror brochure (PDF 613 KB)
Download MGTherm Heat Mirror brochure (PDF English/German 1.4MB)

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